About Us

David HawkinsJuly 29, 2016.

We have built a platform for "Chefs with L'Attitude" where independent minded home-based or professional chefs can publish seasonal recipes for each of the 52 weeks in the year.

Our idea is that anyone with local knowledge and a passion for bringing healthy ingredients out of the local food chain to the table, can market themselves and share their recipes for similar growing seasons with one click of a "Save" button.

FarmersmarkIT.com can help you find and buy local ingredients and recipe services from chefs with l'attitude in five, online communities including pro or home-based chefs; farmers' market managers and staff; vendors, nutritionists and/or the just-4-hire transporters who know the regional food chain!

Check under the "New Recipe" tab to see the first recipes from "Chefs with L'Attitude."

Bon appetit!

David Hawkins,

Founder www.FamersmarkIT.com